Over the weekend, journalists reportedly had a field day as an important leak from Apple revealed a lot about their upcoming keynote. The leaked copy of the Cupertino tech giant’s iOS 11 operating system allegedly held information about the next iPhone, a new Apple TV, Apple Watch, and more. Most importantly, the new smartphone model oft-rumored to be named the iPhone 8 will apparently be called the iPhone X. It appears that the information detailed within the software has revealed a lot about what people can expect from the company’s keynote.

iPhone X and iPhone 8

It has long been rumored that Apple will showcase three new phones during their keynote event. Finally, the information contained in the leaked copy of iOS 11 confirmed the speculation. Furthermore, it also indicates the supposedly official names of the new smartphones, which is surprisingly not what we expected. According to the file, the top-shelf version will be called the iPhone X, while the remaining two will be named the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.

Apple Watch LTE version

It appears that the keynote will not only flaunt the new iPhones but also a new version of their smartwatch. According to CNET, the new Apple Watch version will be LTE-enabled, which apparently makes it independent of being tethered to the phone.

Other rumors claim that the new device can share the same phone number with the user’s iPhone, which should presumably allow phone calls on the Watch itself. However, given the current battery life of the previous models, it remains to be seen how the manufacturer will address the problem.

USB-C port on new iOS devices

This one comes as a big surprise since most of the accessory makers would have to readjust everything.

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The iPhone X is rumored to be equipped with a USB-C port instead of the Lightning jack. It remains to be seen if other Apple products will soon follow suit.

Face ID and payments

Another one of the unveiled items apparently confirms a new security option called Face ID. The iPhone X is expected to ditch the Touch ID apparently due to design constraints.

While other smartphones are also capable of facial recognition, it has been proven to be easy to bypass due to technology limitations. There were instances where phones were unlocked using a photo of the owner. Along with the Face ID option, users can also authorize payments using the new feature. Another cool addition is what they call “Animojis”, which detects the user’s facial expressions and create customized messages.

The rest of the leaks

The biggest reveal seems to really center on the iPhone X and the iPhone 8. Nevertheless, some of the other items listed within the leaked iOS 11 program also included, new AirPods, a split status bar, Apple TV 4K, and a new hexacore A11 processor. All of these are supposedly scheduled to be revealed during Apple's keynote presentation scheduled later today.