Manufacturers always try to keep their products fresh. Sometimes, a redesign or improvement is an important part of the manufacturing cycle that attracts new consumers. However, in the case of Beats, they have kept the same design but integrated new features into their new headphones. It has already been three years since the Studio model experienced a refresh. The new Studio 3 Wireless gets an improvement via Apple’s W1 chip, restructured internal components, better noise-cancellation, and a supposedly longer battery life. The new version sports the same familiar design of its predecessors but comes with new colors.

Studio 3 Wireless’ subtle changes

Upon first glance, the new Studio 3 Wireless looks like a larger Beats Solo 3 wireless. However, a closer inspection reveals that the latter is an on-ear model that sits on top of your ears. Meanwhile, the bigger one is an over-ear variant that fully encloses the user’s ears. Furthermore, the new headphones feature new colors and metal accents that differentiate it from the previous version, as well as “limited edition” designs.

More Apple-friendly

Ever since the first Beats by Dre products came out, they were already designed to work seamlessly with Apple products. Now, the Studio 3 Wireless apparently features an integrated W1 chip that enhances connectivity with W1-supported products like iPhones, Macs, and iPads.

Even better battery life

One of the key features flaunted by the Studio series was its active noise-cancellation. Obviously, the function requires power, which was previously supplemented by removable AA batteries on the original model. The second generation product shifted to an internal rechargeable battery which lasted around 12 hours on wireless, while a wired connection afforded a total of 20 hours per charge.

It is impressive to know that the latest model now boasts a wireless battery life of 22 hours with active noise-canceling turned on. Beats claim that up to 40 hours can be squeezed out if the noise-cancellation mode is disabled, which is quite remarkable.

Noise-cancellation, release date, and price

Beats claim that they have retooled the noise-cancellation technology on the new Studio, which they claim quickly adjusts to the ambient noises.

The company calls it Pure Adaptive Noise Canceling (Pure ANC) this time around. According to their tests, the pair of headphones automatically adjusts the intensity every five seconds, which was supposedly made possible by Apple's W1 chip technology. Interested buyers can now purchase the Studio 3 Wireless headphones from Apple and other retailers. A pair will set you back $349.95 USD. The colors available are Shadow Gray, Red, Blue, Matte Black, White, and Porcelain Rose.