Google and Amazon have been in competition with each other with their smart speakers, Home and Echo, respectively, for quite some time now. However, Apple is about to level the playing field as the tech giant is reportedly developing its own home device.

The Amazon Echo was the first Smart Speaker to be launched in 2014, with Google following suit last year with its Home. Apple apparently decided to give them a competition with its own Smart Device.

The Apple smart speaker

Apple tipster Sonny Dickson revealed the news via a tweet on Thursday. Apple’s smart speaker might be unveiled at the company’s World Wide Developers Conference happening on June 5 – 9 in San Francisco.

The new device by Apple is speculated to compete directly with Amazon Echo, which sold 8.2 million units from 2014 to 2017, according to a report from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners.

Expected features

Apple has not confirmed the reports but there are speculations regarding the features of its smart device.

  • The device might have a built-in camera, which means facial recognition is possible. This would help the device recognize and respond to different users because it will utilize both the audio and visual input.
  • Apple is expected to integrate its Beats Audio to its smart speaker. It is the company’s name for its signature noise-cancelling technology that is being used in its smartphones to give users clear audio. It wouldn’t be a surprise if Apple uses the same type of technology for its upcoming device.
  • Siri is expected to be improved to keep up with the always-evolving Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. A new version of Apple’s virtual assistant might be developed to support the smart speaker.
  • Apple’s smart device is speculated to be iOS-based, meaning it might feature a touchscreen in addition to its voice control. This will allow users to access multiple apps at once.
  • CEO Tim Cook mentioned multiple times that an Apple smart speaker will be designed to create a smart home. This means the device is expected to be compatible with the company’s HomeKit framework for controlling connected devices.

The Google Home certainly boosted the popularity of smart speakers when it was launched in 2016.

In addition, Microsoft is also planning to unveil a Harman Kardon smart speaker by the end of 2017.

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