It's media day for Apple this coming Tuesday, September 12, 2017, and everybody is anticipating the unveiling of the new iPhone 8. Despite reports that the new flagship will be named iPhone X, its name currently has little bearing after news broke that this certain iPhone will be different from the rest. Set aside the name, the specs and physical appearance is what interests those who have been following the development of the device.

New features and updates

According to Bloomberg, the new iPhone 8 is expected to change the way consumers have used the iPhones. This is primarily brought by the removal of the home button; a technology that Samsung has long included on its smartphones.

With at least six new features coming to the Apple device, here are the latest modifications:

  • Reconfigured cameras for better-augmented reality apps
  • Smart camera and object detection
  • 3D facial recognition sensor when making payments or simply unlocking the phone
  • Infrared sensor to allow face detection in dark areas
  • Virtual home button

The new iPhone is expected to have the same size as the iPhone 7 but with an OLED screen that is slightly larger than the old version. The symmetrical and slimmer bezels indicate the absence of the home button. The new screen of the iPhone 8 will be rounded on the corners as opposed to the current iPhones that have 90 degrees cut.

Meanwhile, the screen of the new Apple device will have a noticeable cut out on the top part. According to reports, the top portion that is separated from the screen will feature the earpiece, the selfie camera, and the facial recognition sensor.

With few more features expected of the iPhone 8, the upcoming Apple event is expected to pack with fanatics who want to know the latest.

iPhone 8 pre-orders

According to BGR, pre-orders for the iPhone 8 will arrive three days after the September 12 event. Additionally, the first set of deliveries will begin on September 22; a date that has always been on the Apple calendar in the past years. Apple's media day is also expected to feature the latest updates on Apple TV and Apple Watch models.

Two weeks ago, Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Note 8 in Germany and is expected to ship its first delivery this September. The brand's decision to introduce their device early on will enable them to dodge the massive arrival of Apple's latest innovations. Samsung is currently reeling from the issue that plagued the Note 7. More updates will arrive after Apple holds this year's media day.