Microsoft officially announced the upcoming release of the fourth feature Update of Windows 10. The announcement was made during the IFA trade show in Berlin Friday. Microsoft revealed that the update is scheduled to be launched sometime in October. Anticipation increase as the tech giant promise to deliver new security options and refined product features.

Microsoft scheduled release of Windows 10 update on October

According to PC World, Microsoft finally announced the official release date of the fourth feature update of Windows 10. The upgrade which is called the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update will be made available to the public on October 17.

Microsoft’s October release date is quite overdue compared to initial expectations. It can be recalled that last April, the Company has committed to releasing Windows 10 updates twice every year in March and September. With the current schedule, the tech giant will be missing its first deadline.

The fall update will fix bugs and introduce new functionalities for various Windows 10 features. First is the update for Windows Inking, a feature that allows users to directly “ink” PDF files. Windows Inking improves efficiency in terms of making comments and sharing insights with others. But similar to losing car keys, users often lose the pen that is used for inking. This concern will be addressed by the self-explanatory Windows Find my Pen update.

An update for photos and videos will also be available. According to Blogs Windows, Microsoft has reinvented the Photos Application. With the latest update, the feature will be capable of delivering new and exciting experiences for story telling through photos and videos, including music and 3D. The update will also allow users to access OneDrive Files.

This will reinvent user access to cloud files to make it similar to saving and accessing files stored on local hard drives minus storage space problems.

The update will also bring in new features for the Game Mode, allowing users to access the maximum processing power of the device for gaming. The update will introduce a new button on the Game bar making the device feel as if it was a game console.

To wrap things up, Microsoft has also prepared an exciting lineup of games.

Windows Mixed Reality Headsets

Tagging along the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update is the release of the highly anticipated Windows Mixed Reality Headsets. For a $299 price tag, a variety of Mixed Reality Headsets from different brands such as Lenovo, Acer, HP and Dell and Asus will be made available.

Lenovo’s Explorer headset is designed to promote comfort so that users can enjoy mixed reality for longer periods. The Acer and HP devices will be equipped with motion controllers. When paired with the controllers, users can maximize full position and rotational tracking for content creation and gaming. Dell’s Visor boasts of a 1440 x 1440 high-resolution LCD panels that allow a 360-degree panoramic experience. The ASUS headset will introduce hundreds of 3D polygons and a glossy tone effect.