Features of the new iPhones and upcoming Apple gadgets were revealed via a leak. The next iOS operating system was accessed by two news websites -- 9to5Mac and MacRumors. According to the leak on Saturday, the new iPhone is called "iPhone X," as well as two iPhone 8 devices —iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.

The new version will use facial recognition technology to work as a form of authentication, as well as convert user expressions into emojis and smileys. The names of the new iPhones were revealed on Twitter by Steven Troughton-Smith, a game developer.

Apple failed to uphold its pledge to secrecy

On Tuesday, Apple will hold its launch event at its newly built, glass-walled Steve Jobs Theater in Apple Park. In April this year, the company opened its massive headquarters in Cupertino, California -- a project that was designed by British architect Norman Foster.

Apple took measures to keep its releases a secret until launch. However, the efforts were not successful. It was reported in June by "The Outline" that Apple appointed ex-workers of the National Security Agency, Federal Bureau of Investigation, and Secret Service to stop leaks. According to John Gruber of "Daring Fireball," the recent leak was not a mistake, but rather, a deliberate act by one of Apple's employees.

Details of the new iPhone that were revealed in August

A few details regarding some of the new features were officially revealed last month by the California-based company, which has a market worth of $815 billion. The new device will be launched at the 10th anniversary of the iPhone and is rumored to cost around $1,000. Apple has also been working on a self-driving electric car called Titan, a project that is now reportedly going to take a back seat.

The launch of a new version of the Apple Watch, as well as a 4K Apple TV, is also being anticipated at the Apple Park event on Tuesday. "9to5Mac" states that the iPhone 8 will have a glass back panels, as well as a new micro processing chip. For the luxury of wireless charging, the new iPhone will feature either the Airfuel or Qi charging technology.

It was also revealed, that Apple will be making the traditional home button redundant and the device will have a 5.8 inches OLED display screen. Previously users unlocked the phone by touching the home button, whereas now, they can simply scan their finger on the screen to unlock their phone.

All the details will only be known soon.