Though the iPhone 7 has been a major success for the company, customers worldwide haven’t been largely satisfied because the phone was just a bit tweaked and modified version of the previous one. With the other competitors like Samsung trying to get ahead of the competition with the launch of its Galaxy S8 and S8 plus, it is high time for Apple to do certain revolutionary changes in its iPhone segment.

And since the iPhone 8 is coming out this September, here are a few reasons that are going to make it special.

The Anniversary iPhone

iPhone 8 will be the 10th-anniversary release of the company and this makes it very important for the company to deliver.

The iPhone 8 is said to feature the latest iOS 11, which is one of the easiest to use OS and is completely bug-free. The Anniversary phone is rumoured to feature some of the exciting features such as a complete glass edge-to-edge OLED display, as well as a vertical dual rear camera. These exciting new features might make your iPhone stand out of the crowd.

Wireless Charging

Though wireless charging was first introduced to the market by Android smartphones, Apple isn’t the one that is going to hold back. Apple has the tendency to follow a trend and make it even better and more compatible.

The iPhone 8 is going to feature either the Qi or Airfuel charging techniques. The Qi charging technique is what is being currently used by the Android manufacturers where one has to place the phone on a mat to charge.

The disadvantage? It’s extremely difficult to use it during charging which is overcome with Airfuel, where the phone can be charged when placed in close proximity of charger.

Virtual Button

Since it is a general information that iPhone 8 features a complete glass edge to edge display, that leaves no space for the traditional home button.

But since Apple has kept their traditional design, there might not be a physical home button, but the iPhone would definitely feature a virtual home button integrated into its screen. This might serve as a modern revision of the classic iPhone design.

Augmented Reality

Since the company’s rivals like Google and Samsung have been working on Virtual Reality and have introduced it into their handsets, it is high time Apple do something about it.

So Apple has also been developing its own augmented reality that it is aiming to release its new iPhone. The new design which would be complete with the new iOS 11 will support Augmented Reality based apps. To further assist it, even the rear dual camera is placed in a vertical position.

Touch ID in OLED

This is one of the features where Apple may outsmart the other major smartphone manufacturers. Currently, all high-end smartphones use Touch ID feature, where you have to place a finger on the button and the phone scans it. But Apple has gone a step further to remove the button itself by integrating the Touch ID sensor into the OLED display. So now instead one can simply place his finger on the screen and the phone scans it.