Multinational technology company Apple has recently held its grand launch event for its newest products at the Steve Jobs Theater on September 12. The company’s Cupertino headquarters hosted the very first event that unveiled the newest iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.

The much-anticipated iPhones have finally been revealed along with official details about its features and designs. The new phones have state-of-the-art screens that extend from edge to edge. Apple has removed the home button that has been with the previous units since 2007, the company’s Official Website said.

iPhone X

One of the newest products is called iPhone X. Apple’s chief executive officer Tim Cook touted iPhone X as the company’s “biggest leap forward since the original iPhone.” The mobile device is expected to set the trends in technology in the next ten years, according to Cook.

This new device takes pride in the presence of a high-end display and facial recognition features. It has a display laden with 2.7 million pixels, the highest pixel density resolution that the company has ever made. The OLED display is 5.8 inches with a one million-to-one contrast ratio, Apple’s official website indicated.

Pronounced as “iPhone ten,” the new device has a glass design with a pearl-like finish of colors gray and silver.

It also offers wireless charging with a battery life that is two hours more than the previous models.

The facial recognition feature works by letting users unlock the phone by detecting their faces accurately. They would need to activate the phone’s Face ID feature to make this work. Apple noted during the launch that the Face ID will work even with new hairstyles and changes in the facial expressions, the official website added.

iPhone X will sell for $999, and shipping begins on November 3.

iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus

Furthermore, Apple also unveiled two more phones during the launch. The company introduced the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus characterized by super strong aerospace materials, high-end display and glass designs made with steel materials.

Just like the X version, these new phones have a glass rear end that paves the way for wireless charging.

It uses a bionic processor that is considered as the most powerful smartphone chip that has ever been used. There are new sensors in the dual camera, along with three-dimensional touch features and new speakers louder than the previous models, details on the official website noted.