Tech company giant Apple is preparing for the grand launch event of its newest iPhone 8, which will happen at the new Steve Jobs Theater on September 12. The new theater space is located at its new Cupertino headquarters, built specifically for launch events like this, Tech Crunch reported.

The company will reveal the new mobile device with all its exciting features as it confirms speculations that circulated around before the big day. According to a previous report, Apple is expected to talk about the facial recognition feature and the wireless charging capabilities of its new iPhone 8.

The mobile device will also have a new color scheme, called Blush Gold and.will be available in both 64 GB and 128 GB.

Historical moments

Apple just distributed invites for their annual iPhone launch event, according to Tech Crunch. Basically, there will be two historical moments taking place. First, it will be the first event to be held at the Steve Jobs Theater outside Apple Park. Second, the company is making history with the newest model on the line.

The Verge offered a glimpse of what the interior of the theater looks like. It is a 1,000-seat theater located at Apple’s Park main ring atop a hill that offers views of the main campus. There was a video posted online showing updates on the construction in June 2017.

There were several adjustments made since then, just in time for the expected launch of the iPhone 8 on September 12. The theater was originally envisioned by Jobs himself and it is located in the park which has 2.8 million square feet of space. Most of the area is eco-friendly The Verge elaborated.

When the park opens, it will include an on-site Apple retail outlet, around two miles of hiking and running tracks, and it will be home to one of the biggest solar energy facilities in the world.

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It will probably be one of the best and most talked about moments of the company on the day of the launch.

High-end mobile phone

Everything is expected to be of the highest standard at the big event which marries up with the speculated price of iPhone 8 as is targeted toward the high-end market. I previously published a report saying that the new phones will cost around $1,000 for each unit.

This will be Apple’s most expensive and most advanced unit, even more expensive than the iPhone 7. When it launched this model, it was also considered to carry a high price tag, but each unit only cost around $650 to $800.