Apple is soon launching iPhone 8 touted as the most expensive iPhone that the company has ever launched. The New York Times reported that the new unit will cost $1,000 when it is released worldwide this September.

Once launched, this new iPhone will be the company’s most advanced mobile device unit on the line. When Apple introduced iPhone 7, it was also expensive, but the most advanced models cost around $650 to $770, Thrillist reported.

Apple's iPhone 8 is expected to feature various properties that were never seen before. Some of these include the fingerprint scanning technology, facial recognition, and wireless charging options. Users can store more files and media within the device software since the new iPhone 8 units will be available in 64 GB, 256 GB, and 512 GB memory storage.


Facial recognition technology

Blasting News earlier reported that during the launch, Apple will focus on showing the face recognition panel more than the touch sensor feature. The touch feature will be unlocked through a software update sometime in the future when the launch has already concluded. The previous iPhone 7 Plus also did the same thing when they launched their features through an iOS upgrade.

Previous reports also revealed that the touch sensor option might be hidden within the power button. The new phones are also expected to have stronger security features and higher privacy standards, the New York Times added.

The tech company will also introduce Blush Gold, a new color scheme for their latest device.


Blush Gold will appear with a copper color, but with a more rusty style compared to the older color schemes such as Rose Gold. This color will not be part of this year's iPhone 8 launch.

Apple receives backlash from Samsung

Apple was recently criticized by Samsung, during the company's Unpacked event in New York last August 23. They compared their newest Galaxy Note 8 to Apple’s 7 Plus in terms of the camera and wireless charging features.

Samsung claimed that their new device has a more powerful camera than the products of their competitor. Among other features discussed were the camera’s image quality and video stabilization functions. The company took a major slam at Apple by saying that they are falling behind in terms of the wireless charging capacities of their units.


iPhone 8 is touted as the anniversary phone of the California-based tech giant. Reports revealed that the launch will happen on September 12.