The new Apple Watch Series 3 started shipping on September 22, but users noticed major problems with the device, The Verge reported. It was launched a few weeks ago along with the company’s mobile photos iPhone 8 and iPhone X.

A user of Apple Watch Series 3 noticed certain issues with connectivity. She wrote, “The new Watch appeared to try to connect to unknown WiFi networks instead of connecting to cellular when I was out and about without my phone.”

The company itself has admitted that the gadget has certain issues with the cellular LTE, describing them as “unauthenticated Wi-Fi wireless networks without connectivity.” Because of the intermittent connection with the wireless networks, the functions of the gadget are affected.


Among those reported issues include dropped calls, choppy conversations, and issues communicating with the voice assistant, Siri. The watch should be able to shift between connectivity paths, known as “handoff,” but for certain reasons, the Series 3 could not handle this in a perfect manner.

Impressive features

If this is the case, users may not be able to experience the Apple Watch Series 3 with its full performance. When the company launched the gadget, it unveiled promising and impressive features that include streaming music during workouts.

The new gadget also has qualities that mimic the things that the iPhone can do. It has the same size as the Series 2 watch.

“Answer a call from your surfboard. Ask Siri to send a message.

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Stream your favorite songs on your run. And do it all while leaving your phone behind... Introducing Apple Watch Series 3 with cellular. Now you have the freedom to go with just your watch,” the company stated on its official website.

Investigations are on

The Series 3 Apple Watch uses an efficient support from Siri, allowing users to stream millions of songs through the gadget and provide them with in-depth information about their fitness. It also records their drinking water habits and sleep patterns.

Siri is also playing a major role in this latest gadget by becoming the user’s “all-day assistant.” Siri’s function with the Apple Watch can play the user’s favorite music lists and send directions to various destinations.


The multinational tech company is currently investigating these issues and looking for “a fix for a future software release.” Users are looking forward to seeing how the company will tackle these issues and use the device in the best way possible.