WhatsApp is one of the most favored calls and text applications worldwide and its mission to continue servicing people for free further elevates the application's popularity. Now, the service is slowly moving towards monetizing without giving the burden of charges to its users. According to the latest reports, WhatsApp has finally worked on implementing its b2c transaction through business verified accounts.

How does the new update works?

WhatsApp has an unspecified way of verifying business phone numbers and is currently in the process of adding "green badge" opposite the number.

Similar to Facebook's verified accounts, this feature will enable a user to check the legitimacy of a business number. Currently, in its beta form, the application's official website states: "WhatsApp business verification is currently limited to a small number of businesses participating in a pilot program."

WhatsApp's b2c transaction allows businesses to reach the software's platform; a move that threatens to bring back unwanted advertisements from companies. WhatsApp and Facebook have paid the price of implying that users need to connect the two social sites with the intention of sharing users' personal information.

How to spot a business phone number

According to WhatsApp's FAQ, users will know that they are communicating through a business number when chat messages appear in yellow chat.

Unfortunately, chats made through business accounts cannot be deleted from your history. Users who already have a business' phone number on their contacts will be able to retain the names they assigned to it. However, those who are not saved on contacts will show the business' name in the real world.

Meanwhile, a user can always block a business phone number, and future messages will never reach the user again.

When a number is blocked, all online information will not be visible to the other party. Status updates and profile photos will not be available for viewing until such time the number is unblocked. On the part of the user, future communications such call, text, and status messages will not be delivered to the blocked number.

This new update is just one of the few features released by WhatsApp last month. The latest include the sending of bigger files via WhatsApp and in the form of PDF, GIF and more. WhatsApp remains free to individual users until further announcement.