No doubt, Samsung has never failed to amaze us with its exclusive products. The perfect justification for this statement is Samsung’s latest model of Gear VR.

Guess what, this model of Gear VR provides you a 360 degrees experience of virtual reality, incredible, isn’t it? No more imaginations, Samsung's latest gadget makes it all real.

Compatibility and package

This time the gadget provides compatibility with both USB Type-C as well as Micro USB ports. Don't you have the latest Samsung mobile phone? Doesn’t matter at all because this gadget is compatible with a wide range of Samsung mobile phones including Samsung Galaxy S8+, S8, S7, S7 edge, Note5, S6 edge+, S6 edge, and S6.

One of the most impressive devices Samsung introduced with this gadget is the ‘Controller.' We would get into the details of that later on. Moreover, this package of Gear VR includes Micro USB device holder and Micro USB connector and a pair of batteries.

This gadget is designed in a manner to facilitate you with the best comforting conditions, the front boundary made out of foam material and the head strap assures you that.

Controller- A modern era Joystick

The most eye-catching introduction of Samsung in this Gear VR is the Controller. Yeah, now you don’t have to operate the gadget headset with the buttons on it. You are now provided with a separate special gadget to interact with the Gear VR headset.

Isn’t it fun to operate the Gear VR with your hand postures?

It is when you have a Gear VR Controller with you. All you have to do is move the controller and carry out your specific tasks in 3D. Gamers know how much this means to them. The design of the controller comprises of a trigger on the front, a trackpad on the upper surface and a couple of buttons.

Not to forget that Bluetooth is the connecting medium between the Gear VR headset and the Controller, this summarizes that things are even better as you won’t get irritated by any wires. That means to say "no" to any hindrance while you are being pleasured with the joys of this wonderful gadget.

The operation

The setup and connection of Gear VR are not complex anymore.

Just fix and connect your Samsung mobile with the gadget, and it’s done. The best part is that this new gadget is quick and fast, no more waiting for the connections to take place. This means the Gear VR follows a ‘P’ rule; Plug and Play. Life was never this easy before, just a prompt on your mobile and you are ready to create and jump into the universe of your imaginations.

Hence this latest model of Samsung Gear Vr is quite an impressive gadget that you want to put your money on. It enables you to visualize the whole new world of mobiles in 3D, who wouldn’t want to experience that? So step ahead and give a try to this excellent Samsung device.