It is extremely important to protect one’s original content on the virtual platforms these days, as thieves are finding it increasingly easy to steal content from other users. One of the best and perhaps, the most common methods that users ideally use in order to protect the copyright of their pictures is through the use of a watermark. Professionals usually mark their photographs with exclusive logos, their names, or personal patterns in order to establish copyright. The latest innovation made by Google might turn everything upside now. Google researchers have created a new Algorithm that allows its users to eliminate the watermark from a particular image of their choice.

New algorithm by the company

According to a report published by Gadgets 360, researchers at Google have developed a new computer algorithm that enables users to erase watermarks from photographs automatically. This has undoubtedly put most unprotected floating images in the market at a risk for violation. Google published an official blogpost to address this matter. The company said that their main objective is to disclose the vulnerability that they have discovered in operating systems along with applications and protocols. Google also plans on proposing solutions that will help the users safeguard their content in a better manner.

The company wants to be able to provide the stock image community a better way to copyright its content and creations and safeguard it from all the possible vulnerabilities.

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Without the use of the algorithm created at Google, it is quite a difficult task to remove any watermark. One requires the assistance of good-quality tools and extreme precision in order to rid any image of a watermark. However, Google’s latest innovation has made this impossible task seem possible.

How does it work?

According to Google, users can automatically rid any picture of watermark through the latest algorithm. The computer system is designed in a way to produce accurate estimations, which it does through the means of the images already available online. Following which, the system deals with the watermark components accordingly and major factors like the structure, shadow and color gradients in the watermarks are also properly taken care of. The company plans on providing a detailed guideline as to how one can safeguard their content that is available online, from being a subject of copyright infringement. One of the methods that Google has already suggested in through introducing geometric perturbations, which makes it difficult to rid the picture of the watermark