Additional confirmation regarding Android O being called Oreo has now surfaced online. Well-known leakster, Evan Blass of VentureBeat recently took to Twitter to post an image that depicts a Total Solar Eclipse setting with an Oreo in place of the Sun. This has been assumed to a confirmation that Android O might end up being called Oreo.

According to Android Headlines, citing information provided by Evan Blass on Twitter, the upcoming software update is going to be called Android Oreo. Oreo has been the top among the rumored names for Android’s software system. While the leaked image confirms the long-floating rumor, it has been suggested by experts that the picture is not the kind that Google would use as an official branding for its biggest update of this year.

Google is expected to unveil its software system today.

The name of the OS

There have been reports that suggest that the company will be seen revealing the official name of the update; while, yet others feel that the system upgrade might finally be made available for official use. If this turns out to be true then the update will only be made available on Google-branded smartphones including Nexus and Pixel line-ups at first. The non-Google branded smartphones will receive the update later this month. Evan Blass had published another image earlier this week, which suggested the same thing, Android 8.0 is to be called Android Oreo.

Google first made the announcement of Android 8.0’s existence at its May I/O conference. The company had been posting several developer previews of the same since then.

Top Videos of the Day

Up till now, Google has published four developer previews. The update is expected to arrive with a number of new and exciting features. One of them being the Picture-in-picture setting, which essentially allows users to operate two applications at the same time. For example, users can check their emails while watching a video on YouTube.

‘Instant App’ platform

Apart from this, the update is also speculated to come with endless security and bug fixes that will enhance the overall user experience. The company is also working on making itsInstant App platform available for global use. ‘Instant App’ allows users to operate an application, without having to actually download it. Not only does it help the user save up a lot of space, but it makes use of lesser amount of mobile data as well. Stay tuned for more news and updates.