Donald Trump and the government of North Korea are waging verbal warfare that has become prevalent in recent months. Trump says Pyongyang has been "making fools of US negotiators" for 25 years. Trump refuses to elaborate and criticized his own Secretary of State again.

The president has repeatedly hinted that diplomatic options have been exhausted. It appears Trump is hinting at using military action against the isolated country. President Trump did not extrapolate precisely what he was pointing toward. Among rising stress levels and exchanges of insults with the nuclear-armed administration of Kim Jong-un, Trump has earlier said the US would crush North Korea if it is required to defend itself and its associates.

"Only one way against North Korea," says Trump

Donald Trump used Twitter on Saturday to criticize past administrations' relationship with North Korea and said that "only one thing will work" to lessen tensions with the country without ever specifying what it would be.

"Commanders-in-chief and their governments have been addressing to North Korea for twenty-five years, made deals and a huge amount of paid money did not work, agreements were breached before the paint dried up, making the US negotiators foolish. One thing will work," the president said on Twitter.

A week ago, Trump said that the Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was wasting his time trying to negotiate with Kim Jong-un, whom he calls "Little Rocket Man." Tillerson had stated that the United States has opened "communication channels" with North Korea to assess whether the regime of Kim Jong-un is willing to discuss its nuclear program.

Trump vs. North Korea

North Korea said that its missile is capable of reaching the American territory. In July, the country tested the launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile that experts believe can reach Alaska, but not the southern states of the continent. Pyongyang says the missile can carry a large nuclear warhead.

Moreover, President Donald Trump and the North Korean government are waging a verbal war over the nuclear program and the missile launch, which has become more frequent in recent months. North Korea has also threatened to use nuclear weapons to "sink" Japan and reduce the United States to "ashes and darkness" for supporting the UN Security Council resolution and sanctions.

On September 15, Kim Jong-un said that his government was "close" to achieving its goal of full nuclear power despite sanctions on its regime.