The Internet users are losing their minds over this new App Called Sarahah, which seems to be on everyone’s social media timelines. What started off as a trend in Egypt, quickly made its way to places like the United States of America and Egypt. The application is available for both, iOS and Android platforms, and can be found on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store for free. The application was created by a Saudi-Arabia based creator and app developer, Mr. Zain al-Abidin Tawfiq back in February this year and has managed to gain millions of fans in six months’ time.

Right now the App is rocking worldwide especially in Asian countries.

Let’s take a look at all that is required to be known regarding the latest trendy Sarahah app.

What’s the big fuss around the Sarahah app?

Sarahah is an Arabic word that literally translates into meaning, honesty. The application provides a platform to its users to send and receive honest, truthful feedback regarding themselves anonymously. The best part about the application is that it remains a complete secret as to who sends who messages. In other words, the recipient of the message is not aware of the sender’s identity.

The main objective of the application is to provide users with a safe platform to share their honest feedback regarding the receiver.

This platform was initially launched as a tool that can be used at a work place in order for employees to send and receive honest feedback regarding their conduct in the office environment. However, soon, the youth got to it, and as expected, the application was quick to go viral.

Can the app be led to cyber bullying?

There is no doubt that the application might end up causing more bad than good.

It has been believed that the application might end up propagating Cyber Bullying towards the end. The users of Sarahah have all the possible ways of sending whatever they feel like, without having their identities revealed. Therefore, it won’t take long for someone to misuse this service to their benefit. However, at the same time, the application also provides users with the ability a certain user if they feel like it.

How to register for Sarahah?

One is required to download the app first. Following which, Sarahah will ask the users for their email address and Facebook link and set up a user name for themselves. You can also link this app to Instagram. Stay tuned for more updates on the technology.