If you have been browsing social media lately, you might have noticed a new trend. People everywhere have been trying out the hot new App Sarahah. It seems like every few months, something new comes along and takes the crown of "latest fad" when it comes to mobile software. Last summer people left their houses in droves and took to the streets searching for collectible monsters in "Pokemon Go." And just like "Pokemon Go" raised issues of safety with instances of accidents caused by drivers and pedestrians too focused on their screen to watch where they were going, Sarahah has caused concerns.

What is Sarahah?

Sarahah began as a website created by Saudi Arabian developer Zain al-Abidin Tawfiq. The title of the website/application is Arabic and translated into English roughly means "honesty." Tawfiq created the website with the intent for it to be used a platform for bosses to gather feedback from their employees. The website works like a digital version of a comment box. Anyone interested in feedback can sign up for an account and receive anonymous comments from fellow employees. Simply sign up as a user, then share your username or the provided link with those whom you wish to hear from.

People are sometimes afraid to criticize their bosses or coworkers due to fear of retaliation or causing workplace drama.

The website was meant to be a way to give others honest feedback without feeling uncomfortable.

After initial success, Mr. Tawfiq decided that the same formula might also work with friends and family. In June 2017, the Popular website was converted into an application for ios and android.

What's the problem?

Sarahah has raised concerns about bullying.

History has shown that granting anonymity on the Internet opens the floodgates to those who wish to troll. Adults may be able to take the occasional abuse, but the primary concern is for children.

The app has become particularly popular with teenagers. Over the last decade, bullying has been in the media focus after many high profile cases of young people committing suicide after being bullied.

As technology advances and it becomes easier to communicate with nearly anyone, the would-be bully increasingly has an easier time.

Fifteen years ago, almost anyone was a call away. Social media sites like Myspace and Facebook made it easier to connect with classmates and friends. 10 years ago the smartphone made it even easier. The distance between you and anyone in the world is simply a few keystrokes.

The Solution

While people are reporting harassment on Sarahah, it is no different than any other app or social site that has come before it and it will not be the last as long as the Internet exists. Sarahah is voluntary, meaning you only endure the comments of the public if you subject yourself to it.

The world continues to shrink and the benefits of a connected world are numerous. It is our job as adults to ensure children and teens are safe online. It is also our job to teach them how to deal with bullying and harassment in a healthy way. While many seek to ban and censor, the only true way to protect the young is to help them grow stronger.

Then again, if social media continues to threaten people's self-esteem, you could always just unplug, get outside, and enjoy the physical world around you.