LG confirmed earlier this month that they are working on introducing their upcoming high-end V30 smartphone for launch on August 31 – right after the annual IFA event wraps up. There were a lot of rumors online in the recent past that suggested that the smartphone manufacturer might end up ditching the Secondary Display in favor of something known as a ‘Floating bar.’ There is now further confirmation regarding that speculation.

Everything you need to know

According to a report published by ZDNet, the company made an official statement regarding this, by stating that their upcoming V30 smartphone will feature a floating bar instead of a secondary display.

The floating bar should fulfill all the functions that a secondary display performs.

LG has traditionally packed most of its V-series smartphones with a secondary display. Therefore, it did come across as a surprise when the company stated that they had decided to choose not to include this traditional feature.

The floating bar in the LG V30 smartphone will allow users to place the option on the side of the screen when not in use. Users are also provided with the flexibility of dragging the icon around at their convenience, so they can place it anywhere they like. The floating bar will consist of the five most often used applications by the user so it will be a quicker process to access them.

The company also stated that their upcoming smartphone will feature OLED display technology. However, at that time, they did not make any mention of whether they will be ditching the secondary display. Users were quick to assume that the device would come with a secondary display that would feature the same kind of functionals.

Another unique aspect of the upcoming V30 smartphone will be its ‘Always-On’ feature.

Unique features of the smartphone

Through this Always On feature, users will be able to get different functions, including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Camera, Screen Capture and Hand Light easily configured. The smartphone will also come along with something called the ‘Expert Mode,’ which will be specifically aimed at improving the camera specifications.

The latest feature will allow users to ensure that the aperture ratio, white balance, shutter speed and other related settings remain balanced while they are capturing a picture.

The final note of interest included the fact that LG did mention the V30 haptic feedback. Apparently, the vibration motor will come with options for several different patterns.