Facebook has filed for a patent that suggests that its upcoming AR glasses will feature a Transparent Display, according to a report published by Gadgets 360. The firm is believed to be working towards creating augmented reality (AR) glasses that can make the virtual environment seem like the real environment, by effectively blending them both. The latest innovation falls in line with Facebook, CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s vision of helping its users view things that aren’t actually there.

Patents filed by the company

The latest patent application titled, ‘Waveguide display with a two-dimensional scanner,’ was filed on August 17, and is expected to be integrated into the glasses.

The patent is also accompanied with an image, which showcases a pair of glasses that are apparently transparent for lenses. The patent description reveals that the transparency would allow the light to pass through the display and refract it at the same time. According to a report published by Quartz, Facebook’s plans of venturing into the Augmented Reality market were made official earlier this year when Zuckerberg published pictures of AR glasses. At that time, however, Zuckerberg did not make any other details regarding the glasses official. If the firm does indeed manufacture its own lineup of AR glasses, then it would require its own computing platform to support the hardware and software present in the products.

Zuckerberg has time and again, emphasized the importance that Augmented Reality, as a technology holds for the future.

Oculus and Facebook collaboration

Facebook-owned virtual reality company, Oculus is reportedly working on this project. Not many may know this but one of Oculus’ top optical scientists, was also in charge of working on Microsoft’s HoloLens, a report by Business Insider suggested.

While Facebook seems to be strong-headed with this particular project, it doesn’t appear like it will meet the daylight until 2022 at least. The company has also been rumored to be working on a smartphone of its own. As far as its social media platform is concerned, Facebook has been quick to upgrade its networking experience with endless features to improve the user experience.

The company’s sister brands such as Instagram and WhatsApp have also been doing quite well, in the recent past. Instagram only recently surpassed its arch-rival, Snapchat in terms of the number of users present on both the platforms.