samsung galaxy S9 rumors have already started to circulate this early on. The new smartphone will most likely come with the latest chip from Qualcomm and some customizable accessories to match one’s taste.

The next generation smartphone is rumored to sport the latest Snapdragon 845. The predecessor, Samsung Galaxy S8, came out with an exclusive first release of the newest Snapdragon 835, forcing LG to utilize the previous 821 chip for its latest LG G6.

Will Samsung Galaxy 9 get Snapdragon 845 first?

The current Galaxy also pushed the other brands, such as Sony, HTC, and Xiaomi, to delay the debut of their new flagships with the same 835 chip.


Now, Samsung is speculated to do the same strategy with the Galaxy S9. GizmoChina reports that the theory came from Ice Universe, a Weibo user, who appears to have quite a nice track record on spoilers.

The Chinese tipster claimed the Korean tech giant made a contract with Qualcomm to supply the upcoming chipsets for the new Galaxy S9. The rumor also specified that the majority has been allocated for the S8 successor’s telecommunications company in Northern America, and other countries would just share with the remaining stocks of the new chipsets.

This rumor agrees with the filing on the Geekbench site, where the new device carries the model number SM-G9650. According to the file, the new handset from Samsung has a motherboard named sdm845, which is expected to be the new Snapdragon 845.


The Geekbench listing also reveals the new device has 3,740 MB of memory. It also runs with the new Android 7.1.2 operating system.

Users could customize the new Galaxy S9

Meanwhile, another theory says the new Galaxy S9 will arrive with a modular design. Eldar Murtazin, a tech analyst, posted the information on his Twitter account.

Murtazin claims the next generation Galaxy will probably sport a magnet on the back panel, where users can clip any accessory into it. The design is similar to the other brand’s existing modular capabilities, specifically the Moto Mods system in Moto Z2 Force.

However, the leaker also made a disclaimer saying the Modular Design is not approved yet. Therefore, it is too soon to take any of this information as reliable at this time.

If Samsung does feature such modular capabilities, users could customize the new S9 to suit their needs. It could be possible to augment the device with options like bigger speakers, zoom lenses, battery packs, and projectors. The next flagship could become very versatile as users could attach and detach any of these modules as the need arises.