samsung galaxy S9 will carry a motherboard that is based on the Substrate Like PCB (SLP) technology. The SLP will allow the phone manufacturer to include more components in a single board through lowered footprint, allowing even more components without changing the size of the board.

Galaxy S9 may improve battery life.

The upcoming Galaxy S9 is likely coming with a bigger battery as the tech giant reportedly goes after the SLP technology. However, the new technology may only be used for devices that are powered by Exynos chipset. Incidentally, the Qualcomm versions are set to use the less-efficient High-Density Interconnect technology.

Both Galaxy S9 variants, meantime, may likely come with different battery sizes or different body sizes. The difference in its sizes will happen if two different motherboards will be used by the two handsets, with the Qualcomm version having a bigger size. It is worth noting, though, that the Qualcomm versions used to have very few difference from the Exynos variant of the Samsung handsets, except for a few minor differences in terms of performance, Alphr reported.

Samsung Galaxy S8 successor likely unveils in 2018

The S8's next in line may come between February and April in 2018, as the South Korean company has been known to announce a new smartphone in their Galaxy S series during spring. While there is no exact date yet, there are already rumors of a likely S9 launch at the next Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, which will kick off on Feb.

26, 2018.

The upcoming S9, meantime, is believed to have a Download Speed of up to 1.2 Gbps, given the several claims that the smartphone manufacturer is currently working on a next-gen variant of the Exynos processor with LTE modem. The modem will reportedly support six-carrier aggregation. It will mean that the new handset’s download speed is 20 percent higher compared to the Samsung Galaxy S8.

A chance of downloading HD movies within 10 seconds, video calling without buffer time, and even live streaming from the phone will be made multiple times better.

Other reports, however, are suggesting that the download upgrade is unlikely. According to experts, the smartphone carrier must also support a six-carrier aggregation, which is not happening this year either.

Nevertheless, Samsung is believed to bring more power to its smartphone when 5G begins to roll out, Toms Guide reported.