Google always saves the best doodles for last, and today you were all surprised by Google’s new Halloween "game doodle."It is an addictive and fun browser-based mini-game. So here are some things that you should know, including tips and tricks that could help you get fair scores, don’t miss the last one.

What’s inside the Google game doodle?

A magic cat, many ghosts, ghouls, and bosses too. You will get five hearts, which is your lifeline to make it through a total five stages. Each stageis progressively more difficult than the previous one; ghosts get faster, more powerful, and nastier.

Sounds effects are just to the Halloween taste and the background music is somewhat like theAdam’s Family.

Harry Potter-style wizard school was a last minute idea

Originally, the Googledoodle team planned to create a cat game that made soup, but the wizard school theme"game doodle" seemed like just the right match for Halloween's ghostly appeal and was given a green light. According to the officialsite, the idea is coming from the same people that created “Magic Cat Academy.”

Here are some useful tips and tricks for the Halloween "game doodle"

  • Try to draw shorter lines to draw symbols faster because the more you stretch the lines, the more time it takes. Although this hack only saves you a fraction of a second but that short time counts for a lot in fast casual games like these.
  • Always draw first the symbols of ghosts and ghouls that are closer to you, otherwise the Halloween "game doodle" is impossible to complete.
  • This is hard to keep track of because the ghosts move very fast, but combos are allowed, so if your first overhead symbol of multiple phantoms is a vertical line, drawing one will destroy them all.
  • Keep an eye on the ghost with an S-shaped symbol, because destroying that ghost automatically diminishes the rest of them or at least does some damage.
  • Ghosts with multiple symbols are hard to kill, but they move slow, so draw their symbols as fast as you can.

Don’t forget to replenish your life!

Some people might have missed that but the magic cat cannot only draw deadly symbols; it can also cast healing spell by drawing a heart.

Whenever you get the chance, replenish your life by drawing the heart and try to be accurate because that’s going to be a little tricky at the start. That’s all Google has for you on Halloween 2016, enjoy playing the "game doodle."