NVIDIA Volta is a new GPU Architecture designed to fulfill the needs of Artificial Intelligence of every industry for automation. As this GPU helps in delivering faster speed in all sectors, Volta can now deliver over 100 Teraflops per second (TFLOPS) of deep learning performance which gives out a 5X increase compared to the previous generation architectures.

Price of the device

Volta [VIDEO] uses a very high speed interconnect technology. This gives 2X the throughput, compared to the previous links. This enables an advanced scaling for highest application performance. This is not yet in the market and is expected to release in early 2018, and seems to be for Volta – based gaming cards.

Now, this professional class Volta – the Tesla V100 uses 12nm finFET design and has approximately 5276 CUDA cores. Moreover, this GPU would cost around about 700$. This would also be having a greater efficiency and better with DX12 and Vulkan. It features a Pascal GP100 GPU, it will thereby improve programmability. These advances will supercharge High-Performance Computing and Depp learning systems and applications. Under Volta series there comes a Tesla V100 hardware which is engineered for the convergence of HPC and AI.

This can provide a scientific simulation and data science for finding insights in data. By using CUDA cores and Tensor Cores within architecture, a single Tesla V100 GPUs server can replace hundreds of CPU- only servers for both high-performance computing and artificial intelligence workloads.

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It is so affordable that every researcher and engineer can use it to tackle their most challenging work.

Specs and features

The Tesla V100 for NV Link gives out a interconnect bandwidth ( Bidirectional ) of 300 GB/s as compared to the Tesla V100 for PCIe with 32 GB/s. Now, this has a memory capacity of 16 GB HBM2 with a bandwidth of 900 GB/s which is most suitable to tackle AI workloads. It is also one of the least power consuming hardware with the maximum consumption of 300 Watts. With over 21 billion transistors.

Volta would be the most powerful GPU in the history of Artificial Intelligence. It is the future of every industry as every industry needs intelligence and Volta packs all features of delivering it. The industry of data science the top frameworks and application can easily tap into the power of Volta. This propels data scientists, researchers, and engineers towards high performance faster than before.