The iPhone 8’s renders and concept designs have been all over the internet all year. People are probably expecting too much from Apple’s upcoming smartphone because it will represent the tenth anniversary of the iPhone. Some critics say that the iPhone 8 is causing iPhone sales to drop because most of the potential iPhone buyers wish to just wait a few more weeks until the new smartphone is launched. This is also said to be because of rumors claim that it could come at an affordable price.

Apple’s HomePod firmware revealed a lot of information

The latest details that were gathered from Apple’s HomePod firmware revealed several features of the company’s upcoming devices, which include the iPhone 8.

The HomePod also revealed some features of the Apple Watch 3 and Apple TV. Steve Troughton-Smith is the Irish programmer who uncovered the product information on the HomePod firmware.

Steve Troughton-Smith revealed that the iPhone 8 will feature the largest display screen the company has ever made. It is even larger than the iPhone 7 Plus’ 5.5-inch display. The company is also set to launch two new smartphones alongside the iPhone 8. These will be the iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus. The upcoming smartphone could also feature a facial recognition sensor that will allow the users to unlock their smartphones just by looking at it.

iPhone 8 available in three colors

A new YouTube video from Danny Winget shows the iPhone 8’s Copper Gold, Silver, and Black replica.

The Copper Gold smartphone shown has white bezels on the side. The iconic physical home button is also removed. Apple might have replaced it with a virtual home button called the “Home Indicator.” The device will feature dual-lens vertical cameras.

The black iPhone 8 replica that was shown has the same size as the Samsung Galaxy S8.

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It is not as tall as the S8, but the aspect ratio of the two should be the same. It is about the same size as the current iPhone 7, but it has a larger display with a bezel-less design.

Apple Watch 3 with built-in LTE modem

Apple is expected to unveil its new wearable device in September, during the iPhone 8 launch. The Apple Watch 3 might feature a built-in LTE modem, which will allow the device to access all of its functions even without pairing a smartphone.

Intel is said to be manufacturing the LTE modems for the watch. Making the Apple Watch 3 a standalone device might boost its sales because non-iPhone owners can now use the fitness watch without syncing it on a smartphone.