The Microsoft Surface tablet has become a hot topic on the tech market. Their commercials feature some of the most interesting attributes for any mobile device. They have gorgeous styling that makes us all want to try one, but a recent article from Consumer Reports calls their quality into question.

The Surface was the golden child

The Microsoft Surface burst on to the market with an amazing commercial that caught everyone's attention, and they have pushed the envelope with new ads that feature every cool thing their tablets do.

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You have likely wanted a Surface tablet simply because it looks fascinating, just as this writer has.

Consumer Reports surveys users

Consumer Reports ran a survey with 90,000 Surface tablet users, and they found that around 25% of the people in the survey have had major issues with their tablets after two years of use.

The two-year plateau for Surface users is one that frustrates many. They are hoping to use their tablet for many years to come, and they cannot because they have been hemmed into a corner where they must significantly repair their device or replace it.

The huge blow to confidence

Anyone who watches the news or reads up on products will learn of the Consumer Reports survey that is mentioned in this article. The heavy weight of a recommendation from this magazine often makes or breaks products. Surface tablets have been stripped of their "recommended" rating, and it may take them quite a long time to gain back the confidence of the publication. CR is a nonprofit that is not swayed by industry voices, and it may take another two years for Surface tablets to redeem themselves in another survey.

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Microsoft disagrees

Microsoft has been quoted in denial of this survey, and they believe that Surface tablets offered a different experience to their users. They have not reported the large amount of problems that were found by Consumer Reports, and they are leaving their opinion in the public eye for everyone to decide. The experience of Consumer Reports users may not be a finality, but the survey is one that is quite powerful in the ears of people who trust the Consumer Reports brand whether they believe it or not.

Microsoft has been given the benefit of the doubt in certain places with their Surface tablets. They are entering markets that they are not familiar with in a rapid fashion, and researchers believes that the Consumer Reports survey may be a correction that was required. Anyone using a Surface tablet may take heed, or you may go on to purchase the tablet because of its infinite appeal.