2017 is turning out to be a solid year for Apple as consumers are reportedly hyped for the iPhone 8. News of its unique features and close-to-bezel-less design has excited a lot of people. The past few generations of their smartphone lineup did not really see a big change in appearance. Surprisingly, new reports have indicated that the Cupertino tech firm has another ace under its sleeve. Bloomberg reports that the company has a new Apple Watch in development that will come with built-in Lte.


Apple Watch with LTE technology

Users have always used their Apple Watch while it is paired to their iPhones. There are some instances wherein the device can be solely used for its activity tracker and optical heart rate sensor. The current and older models are dependent on the smartphone for its other functions. With an LTE antenna, the new wearable will likely have full-telephony functions that make it independent of the iPhone. Analysts also speculate that there might be two models available, an LTE-ready model and a regular model without one.


New design a possibility with some challenges

Just like the upcoming iPhone 8, tech experts are wondering if the new Apple Watch will come with a new design. Industry insiders have hinted that the LTE variant will have an “all-new form factor.” Some of the speculated changes might be a slimmer body and a different shape for its display (a round shape just like other smartwatches from other manufacturers like Samsung or Motorola).

One important factor that should be considered is its battery life. The current smartwatch model can barely last a full day. The inclusion of phone functions for calls and SMS will definitely require a bigger battery. A bigger battery will surely make the device a little thicker.

Apple and Intel

It’s a known fact that Apple and Qualcomm are currently at odds. Both companies have been at each other’s throats due to some patent issues.

It was rumored that the new Apple Watch with LTE will come with an Intel component this time around. Consumers expect that the 2017 model will have more features compared to its predecessor. Series 2 only added GPS and waterproofing to the original model. Even if the new version becomes more independent due to its LTE antenna, analysts think that it might still rely on the iPhone for some of its other functions.Consumers can expect the new product to be announced together with the iPhone 8 next month.


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