Samsung is expected to introduce its much-awaited Galaxy Note 8 smartphone on August 23rd at the company’s ‘Unpacked’ event, and while the launch-date of the smartphone arrives closer, the company continues to fare well as long as its other flagship device is concerned as well. If reports are believed to be true then Samsung has apparently managed to ship approximately 20 Million of its Galaxy S8 units already. The smartphone – which was released sometime in April – has managed to reach major parts of the world in just about 4 months, which sure is a great deal in itself.

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According to a report published by a research-firm, Strategy Analytics, the company is expected to do much better with its yet-to-be-announced Galaxy Note 8 smartphone as well.

What report suggest?

The report regarding Samsung achieving such a great deed first appeared on The South Korea-based media publication website, The Investor. The report was citing the research carried out by Strategy Analytics. As per the data provided by the latter, it appears like the South-Korean technology giant has been making sales of its famous Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus smartphones since the very day it opened sale i.e. 21st April. As can be recalled, the company began pre-orders for its flagship device and managed to exceed their given expectations.

Little did the South-Korean technology giant know, they would be surpassing over 20 million units of its Galaxy S8 smartphone in just four months’ period of time! Samsung has been doing quite well in terms of shipments globally as well.

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The company has managed to secure the first position, even beating Cupertino-based technology giant Apple at it.

Rise in shipment

Samsung’s representatives, during a conference call, held earlier this month, even further went on to suggest that the shipping of its Galaxy S8 smartphone units even managed to surpass the shipments of its predecessor, the S7 smartphone units which was launched back in 2016. Given that the launch of the former was even delayed by an entire month, it seems like Samsung still remained in the position of advantage.

The report even further suggested that towards the end of the second quarter of 2017, Samsung managed to ship a total of 79.5 million smartphone units – which is two percent gain from what they performed last year. The company is yet to introduce its Galaxy Note 8 smartphone, which is further expected to be an even bigger hit than Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus.