Smart citIes on The Italian peninsula and islands have become the new trend that is far surpassing what is done in America's Silicon Valley. Americans have placed large companies on a swath of low-lying land, but Italy wants to use smart technology to improve everyone's lives.

The smart city trend

Italian smart cities have moved to the Island Of Sicily where the tiny island will combine smart technology to create a smart island. You may point your phone at a Neolithic fort to learn about its history, and you can order food from a deli while sitting outside it in your taxi. Everything is tied together in city functions, and their utilities know when repairs must be made after alerts are sent by the automated system.

The cities themselves will be much more functional because there is no guessing when things have gone wrong, and the cities become more efficient when they are using data collected from their smart technology sources. Sicily could go completely green because of smart technology, and the island will have many opportunities to go completely off the grid by using things such as wind and solar power.

They want to improve lives

The scientists who have worked on smart technology in Sicily know that automation makes lives better. People who live in these smart cities may order their groceries, get their water repaired when the technology finds a leak and order a taxi without leaving the house. The homeowner who wishes to have solar panels on the roof will use the same technology that was created to manage the city, and they will use technology to get their daily tasks done.

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The Italian office worker who is stuck at their desk all day can order their groceries and send flowers to their friends and loved ones.

Mainland Italy wants the same

Italy has spearheaded a movement to ensure that they can have as many smart cities as possible. The Italian cities could stretch from the mountains around Turin to the coasts around Naples. The fashion shows of Milan may be run by automated technology, and fans can go to football matches with their favorite clubs after buying tickets using an automated system. You may point your phone at the stadium as you drive by, and you will buy the tickets while you are on the move.

Silicon Valley is held up as an example of the technology advancements we all should aspire to, but this tiny island of Sicily has done much more to automate whole communities. You have every opportunity to have a nice time when you travel to Italy, and the Italian people will use the smart tech every day.