Apple is expected to launch the highly anticipated iPhone 8 with spectacular new technology, such as waterproofing as well as wireless charging. The company’s 10th-anniversary smartphone has widely been speculated to arrive with a hefty price tag.

The New York Times reported that the iPhone 8 will cost $1,000. The price point of the handset will be a significant hike for several Apple enthusiasts, but the upcoming device will double the base internal storage of the current iPhone 7 Plus, from 32GB to 64GB. The device will also arrive with a 256GB mid-tier option and a 512GB option.

The Cupertino based tech titan is expected to equip the iPhone 8 with premium specs and features to justify its price point.


The new handset will come along with a variety of new additions that haven’t been spotted on Apple’s previous smartphones. The tech company will sport the handset with a redesigned display.

Smartphone with facial recognition feature

The redesigned display of the device has been rumored to feature Touch ID. The iPhone 8 is anticipated to come with a wireless charging with an inductive back side and facial recognition.

Apple’s upcoming mobile device is also speculated to be a prominent platform for the ambition of the tech company with augmented reality (AR) technology. At the tech giant’s previous WWDC 2017 event, the company revealed the handset’s ARKit tool set for developers, which showcased several tech demos utilizing the augmented reality technology for gaming.


Despite Apple not confirming these rumored specs, the leaked Apple HomePod software shared several hints about the smartphone, such as the AR capabilities, facial recognition, and the latest screen design.

According to Tom’s Guide, the tech company is expected to roll out the much-awaited handset on September 12. Pre-order of the device kicks off as soon as September 15. However, Apple's tenth anniversary iPhone will go on sale on September 22.

Specs of the device

The iPhone 8 is expected to boast a 5.8-inch OLED edge-to-edge display with 1242 x 2800 pixel resolution. The device will be equipped with an Apple A11 chip, iOS 11 operating system, an improved Siri virtual assistant and P2P payments.


The smartphone will also arrive with a rear vertical dual camera and a support for LTE speed up to 450Mbps.

Furthermore, the iPhone 8 will be up for grabs in different color options - Gold, Rose Gold, Black, Jet Black, and Silver. The tech company will also equip the handset with Wi-Fi 802.11, a front-mounted fingerprint sensor, A-GPS and Bluetooth 4.2.