Tech company giant Samsung launched its newest Galaxy Note 8 [VIDEO] in an Unpacked Event held in New York 0n August 23. During the event, Samsung criticized Apple’s iPhone devices by comparing their features to those their own units can offer.

Tech Radar noted down the blow by blow as it happened keynote event and pointed out that there were some barbed references to their competitors. Later, Mashable also picked up on it and reported that during the keynote, Samsung compared the camera and wireless charging features of the Galaxy Note 8 to their competitor, the iPhone 7 Plus. The company even showed actual graphics on screen that exactly revealed Apple’s brand, followed by a loud applause and cheer from the audience.

The company particularly discussed the image quality and video stabilization functions of Galaxy Note 8’s camera. It said during the event that the newly released device has a more powerful camera than many of the products by Apple.

Wireless charging

Samsung did not end the comparison on the camera features alone, proving that theirs was the better brand. The company also made sure to point out the best features of its wireless charging capabilities.

“Samsung has had wireless charging since the S6, and what about the competition? Let us just say that most of them are still trying to catch up,” the company representative said during the event. However, Apple is also expected to add wireless charging capabilities to its newest iPhone on the line, the iPhone 8.

The company also called out its competitor by advertising the headphone jack, a feature included in the new device.

Earlier, Apple took out the headphone jacks from iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, Mashable reported.

Apple’s iPhone 8

Apple [VIDEO] will have its own moment to shine, as it launches the new iPhone 8 this September. The features of the new device include a dual camera, an iris recognition, and a fingerprint sensor under the glass. It will also allow users to turn audio notifications into silent, through the facial recognition feature.

The company is also slated to introduce the new mobile device unit with a new color scheme. Apart from the previous color options, iPhone 8 will be available in Blush Gold, a color characterized with a copper-like appearance, but with a more rusty style that the previous Rose Gold color.

The new iPhone 8 will also feature an advanced 3D scanning technology that is expected to border beyond what the latest models by Samsung can offer, Mashable added. It will be the company’s 10th-anniversary device. The exact launch date has not yet been announced, but September is usually the month when Apple unveils the new devices to its customers.