During the weekend, Apple released an early firmware update for their up and coming Siri-speaker the Apple HomePod. By the time the new update was released, developers were quick to dive in, trying to unlock several codes in the firmware.

Last Monday, reports of Face ID and even a render of what could possibly be next iPhone was found in the codes by developer Steve Troughton-Smith. As well as its possible resolution.

Today, a new code was found, once again from the exact same HomePod firmware that was released last week. The new code, which was discovered by Guilherme Rambo, which supports the earlier claims of developers in regards to Apple’s plan in using Face ID for the 10th-anniversary iPhone.

Facial recognition technology for Apple Pay

The firmware codes read, “passbook.payment.contactlessinterface.presentaion.pearl.field-detect” and “passbook.payment.contactlessinterface.presentaion.pearl.pre-arm.” These codes, according to 9to5mac, are in connection to Face ID being labeled in the HomePod firmware as “PearlID.”

In our previous report here on Blasting News , it was reported that developer Steve Troughton-Smith referred to “PearID” as either the final name of the next iPhone's face detection feature or the codename, of the project itself. Nonetheless, the discovered code indicates how Facial Recognition Technology might just play a big role for the next flagship iPhone, especially, for Apple Pay.

SmartCam code

Another set of codes found on the HomePod update seems to describe several “usual” photography scenarios. “SunsetSunRiseConfidence,” “BabyConfidence,” “BrightStageConfidence,” and “SmartCam” are just some of the codes found.

SmartCam is a feature that is activated whenever a scene, such mentioned above is detected by the camera.

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In result, the software automatically selects the best setting for the image.

iPhone 7S, iPhone 7S Plus, and iPhone 8 launch date

On other news, several Wall Street analysts share their predictions about when Apple would launch the next generation iPhones. As said in previous reports, Apple might need more time before it could release or the least launch the 10th-anniversary iPhone, due to issues about sufficient supply of parts and huge feature improvements.

In Wall Street, analysts predict that these reports hold true. Guggenheim analyst Rob Cihra, JP Morgan's Rod Hall, UBS analyst Steven Milunovich, and Rosenblatt analyst Jun Zhang are all expecting that the next “premium” iPhone will be launched at a later date. However, for the regular iPhone variants such as the iPhone 7S and 7S Plus, Wall Street analysts predict that the usual yearly September launch will push thru.

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