Recently it emerged that Apple might be planning to integrate Face ID unlocking technology on their 10th anniversary smartphone the iPhone 8. Today, developers allege Apple rumor confirmation through the latest Firmware Update for their HomePod Smart Speaker

HomePod accidental update?

PhoneArena shared that Apple released an update for the HomePod a tad bit too early. As expected, developers were quick to jump into the commotion and try to exploit the firmware’s codes.


A couple of developers found several codes pertaining to the next Apple flagship smartphone which confirms several predictions leaksters have revealed in the past few months. The two codes refer to the so-called iPhone 8 having a bezel-less design and an infra-red face unlock system.

Face ID over Touch ID?

Motatokara's predictions about iPhone's 10th anniversary were discussed by a social news contributor.


This also tackled the rumors claiming that Apple is integrating the 3D sensing technology on its front camera. In a report by 9to5mac, developer Steve Troughton-Smith found a code exactly referring to this leak and he tweeted “I can confirm reports that HomePod’s firmware reveals the existence of upcoming iPhone’s infra-red face unlock in BiometricKit and elsewhere”

Troughton-Smith posted several screenshots of the HomePod firmware he had found and words such as “BKFaceDetect” and “PearlID” stand out.

Troughton-Smith refers to “BK” as BiometricKit, which is also the framework for Apple’s current unlocking system Touch ID. As for “PearID,” it is still unknown if it’s either the final name or the project’s codename.

Apple is keeping up with the times

This year is shaping up to be the battle of the bezels, especially between smartphone manufacturers and Apple looks to have the perfect plan to lead the race once again.

Since as early as April, renders of the next possible iPhone design have been popping up like mushrooms all over the internet and so far, no leak is as clear as what was discovered in the firmware codes of the HomePod update.

An image of what looks to be the next iPhone was seen under the code that handles authentication for Apple Pay. It confirms the much talked about bezel-less display as well as a cutout on top of the device that's also been predicted in past iPhone 8 concepts.


Many tech enthusiasts are excited about what could possibly be the iPhone 8's final design.

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