Google is scheduled to unveil the much-awaited Google Pixel 2 smartphone. We have seen several rumors surrounding the handset over the past few weeks. The latest news is that the Google Pixel 2 has surfaced at the FCC and it exposes the features. The main highlight is the addition of the Android 8.0.1 coupled with Active Edge squeeze capability, which is identical to that of the same feature in the HTC U11 smartphone. The data leaked out from the FCC also reveals few screenshots of the user interface of the phone.

Manage tasks with squeeze feature

The core purpose of the squeeze feature is to perform certain functions. For instance, it is possible to activate the Google Assistant by squeezing the frame of the smartphone. Upon close inspection of the image revealed by the FCC, the Google Pixel 2 will be the first smartphone to ship with Android 8.0.1. Furthermore, the handset was installed with the security update dated August 5. This could change upon the release of the handset in October.

Integration of Android 8.0.1

We infer that Android 8.0.1 will be the final build as the build number of the latest developer preview is tagged as 8.0.0. There is a possibility that Google will replace 0 with 1 as the version number when the company rolls out the final build of the much-anticipated Android O.

Default storage set to 64GB

With model number G011A, the Pixel 2 gets the FCC ID NM8G011A. According to the FCC data, the upcoming Google Pixel 2 will ship with 64GB default storage. However, the device has listed the storage as 50.66GB with 21 percent consumed by the device. The company will also most likely launch a model with 128GB storage capacity.

Like in the case of the previous counterpart, it won't be possible to expand the storage.

The FCC document also reveals the required regulatory information for the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and India. Even though the images included on the second page of the FCC document are small in size, sites such as 9to5google managed to go deep into the content and exposed the features.

The document also includes the fact that users will be able to access the menu in less than three steps.

Possibility of an OLED display

The integration of the squeeze functionality is not a big surprise since the smartphone is being manufactured by the HTC. However, the Pixel XL 2 will be manufactured by LG. We have to wait and watch whether the squeeze feature will be available on both the handsets.

That said, we wonder why Google has given manufacturing contracts to two separate companies. We hope the search-engine giant is planning to make available several units of the handsets before starting the pre-order of the phone. There is also a possibility for the integration of an OLED display on the premium variant of the Google Pixel.

We will continue to monitor the developments related to the Google Pixel 2. Stay tuned.

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