Sarahah App has been roaming around quietly on the mobile app stores over the past one week. Launched nearly a month ago, the Sarahah app has already established its presence in several countries. According to BBC, the app has entered the shores of Saudi Arabia, Egypt and India.

Anonymous feedback

With Sarahah, it is possible to send and receive constructive feedback from various people around the world in an anonymous manner. The main purpose of the app is to motivate people to throw in feedback and suggestions without disclosing personal identity.

The creators pointed out that the app helps people to self-develop themselves.

How it works

To begin with, it is required to create a profile by installing the Sarahah app on either Android or iOS device. It is also possible to register via the web by navigating to domain. After the registration process, users will be provided with a unique URL, which will be one of the subdomain under the main domain. The users will be able to provide the feedback via the URL. It is possible to share the URL via social media or display it on the blog so that users can provide feedback. However, users can provide information by tagging their identity if required.

Viewing messages

Meanwhile, the received messages will be displayed in an inbox with the capability to reply and delete them.

Moreover, users can also flag messages or mark them as favorite to Enable them to locate the messages easily in future. The app will be useful for website owns and law enforcement agencies who would like to Gather feedback from people.

Unusual ratings

Even though the app is on the verge of becoming popular, the results fetched from the Google Play Store doesn't look promising.

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As of this writing, there are 10305 five-star reviews and nearly 9652 users have tagged the app with one star. The verdict from the part of users has been split but we hope that the rating will improve over the period of time.

That said, developers are constantly working to improve the performance of the Sarahah app. The app is expected to refresh with new features within the next few days since we saw a message similar to that during navigation.

Moreover, users need not have to be logged in to post comments. The app also enables users to block senders to prevent them from replying including the ability to report abuse.

Currently, the user experience of the app is still in infancy. However, the working of the app is very smooth with minimum clutter. In the past, we have seen apps such as Yik Yak, Whisper, Connected2, and Secret that are identical to that of the Sarahah app.