Many people still have some fear of artificial intelligence (AI), watching sci-fi movies or believing some theory of the conspiracy of human domination by machines. The point that can not be denied is that artificial intelligence is changing many attitudes in this world. Moreover, one can not think that AI is just a robot with a human form.

Artificial Intelligence is everywhere, from a simple GPS to a search on the exploration sites like Google or Facebook itself.

Facebook: Artificial Intelligence robots turned off for creating their language

According to the media reports, the research led by the company 'Facebook' has turned off the AI in some of their robots because of developing their very own Language.

Facebook researchers deactivated an AI program that stopped using English and started to develop its language and began to communicate with it.

The researchers work on FAIR (Facebook Artificial Intelligence Research), a research division of the social network. Artificial intelligence was developed in June to simulate some negotiation situations.

Researchers at FAIR had two agents, one named Bob and the other Alice and they were supposed to communicate as if they were trading.

Robots were scheduled for the two agents to come up with a solution that would best serve both parties. The research was conducted to help understand how a negotiation between two people could be more convinced. If these negotiations were successful, they would have a point.

If not, they would have no point.

AI robots created a language to understand each other better

The only problem is that no incentive was detected for the two AIs to have only one language used in that negotiation. So, over time, they began to understand each other better, realizing that they could use phrases.

However, when these sentences read by humans, seemed to have no meaning.

As if it were a coded language, the two agents repeated terms or words that made no sense to the human being. However, to them, it would be more efficient in negotiation. Then the artificial intelligence realized that they could agree with the parties using that unique language.

However, it is not the only time that this happens with this type of artificial intelligence.

In late 2016, Google's translation system did the same. It created its language. This language allowed the AI system to translate a language they had not learned.

According to some researchers, it is not very different from human communication, because slang and abbreviations are created all the time.

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