Recent headlines hit the world by a surprise with news of an imminent war between North Korea and the United States of America. North Korea has been threatening to unleash its nuclear bombs. This is something that has brought tension between the two countries with each of the presidents taking a hard stand. Tech billionaire Elon Musk does not believe in this threat as he believes that the greatest threat to human kind is Artificial Intelligence. Elon believes that if there was anything that people should be worried about then it should be Artificial Intelligence (AI) than what is happening in North Korea.

His main concern over the past three or so weeks has been with regards to the threat that is posed by AI and this is a topic that recently led to an exchange of words between Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and him. Despite the world tensions that were happening between President Kim Jong-un and Trump, Mr. Musk recently downplayed the North Korean threat and tweeted that the real threat was Artificial Intelligence.

The threat from AI

Elon Musk is a worried man and seems to be spending a lot of his time sharing why he believes that Artificial Intelligence could cause a great danger to humans something that most people have disagreed with him such as Facebook founder. Mr. Musk has emphasized on the need to have regulations for all those that are operating on the AI platform or coming up with regulations for the systems.

Others also believe that there should be a set of regulations or a framework that will govern the artificial intelligence system. Many experts believe that there should be a check on the development of Artificial Intelligence due to the pace by which things have been developing. Stephen Hawking who is among the experts, has been speaking about the issue of artificial intelligence being a threat to humans for a very long time.

Hawking believes that humans are in danger if they keep on advancing their plans in AI without taking necessary actions or having a framework that will enable the machines not to be a threat to humans.


Plans are already underway to begin formulating some rules that will ensure that future developments will not threaten the human kind.

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers is among one of the organizations that are spearheading in coming up with regulations that will help Tech companies.

Top companies such as Facebook and Google are already in discussions and are making sure that the products that they produce are not a threat to humans.

Predictions have been that computers will be more intelligent than humans in the near future and humans may be rendered useless since machines will control everything.