As Google prepares to release its latest Google Pixel 2 smartphone, the rumor persists that Google is planning to release a new Chromebook as well. Google may also be planning to release its latest version of the Home Mini, its smart speaker. Previously it was reported that Google would discontinue the Chromebook while in May Samsung released a version of it that didn't include OS 59, the latest version of the operating system.

Chromebook hasn't been updated in two years

MAC Rumors reported that Google hasn't released an updated version of the Chromebook in two years. The new release may coincide with Project Bison, which was announced last year, and would bring to fruition Google's plans to update the notebook.

The new Chromebook would include a 12.3-inch display, 32 or 128 GB of storage with either an 8 GB or 16 GB memory. This version might also include a tablet mode, and the price would start at about $799 with the goal of competing with the Microsoft Surface Pro and the Apple MacBook. It is unclear whether or not the new Chromebook would take the same form as the design of its competitors even though it would have the same internal power. The Home Mini is only rumored for release while it would provide a smaller, less expensive competitor to the Amazon Echo and would have a price tag of about $129.

XDA Developers reported that the last version of the Chromebook to be released was the Chromebook Pixel. Rumor is that Google will release a refreshed version of the laptop as well as a smaller version of the Home connected speaker.

In addition to the new specifications meant to help the Chromebook compete with Microsoft and Apple, the new system would also come with a previously unreleased device, probably a stylus.

The timing is right for a new release of the Chromebook

PC World reported that Google is working on a follow-up to its discontinued Chromebook Pixel, which hasn't been available for sale since mid-2016. Since many consider this to be the best Chromebook ever made, it would be a nice surprise for those who are fans of the system. Speculation said that the laptop would be retired so that Google could focus on its smartphone instead. Senior vice president for hardware Rick Osterloh seemed to confirm the rumor as being true when he said that the company had no plans to release a new model. A previous rumor promised a device with a detachable keyboard like the Microsoft Surface Pro and the ability to run Android apps.