With the launch of the iPhone 8 as part of Apple’s latest models fast approaching, the company revealed another update about the new mobile device. It will have a new color scheme never seen before, The Gadget website reported.

Benjamin Geskin reportedly posted on Twitter that the iPhone 8 is going to come out with a new color scheme, Blush Gold.

Geskin’s tweet read, “Foxconn's internal name of the new iPhone 8 color is ‘Blush Gold.’ Barcode says ‘Blush Gold 64GB and 128GB’.”

According to The Gadget Website, Blush Gold will appear copper-like but with a more rusty style than the older Rose Gold color. The Rose Gold color will reportedly be discontinued during the launch of the new iPhone 8.

This is to give way to the new color scheme on the line. It will be available in both 64GB and 128GB, the article noted.

Leaked images

The website stated that there are leaked images of the upcoming mobile device dressed in the Blush Gold color. The images of the phone were placed with the shiny black and pearl iPhone 8 units.

The mobile phone company will launch the new iPhone 8 next month. The report said the features include a dual camera, located at the front and rear end of the device. It also has an “edge to edge screen” that has no home button, an iris recognition and a fingerprint sensor beneath the glass, The Gadget Website added.

Cool new feature

The launch date might be fast approaching, but there are more leaks about the phone’s alleged features that coming out. News.com.au reported that the new iPhone will allow users to silence audio notifications just by looking at the mobile device.

The rumors came from a Twitter user and developer named Guilherme Rambo, the report said. This new feature is not officially confirmed by the company. However, if Rambo is right, then this will be a new way that Apple phone users can use the facial recognition feature in a more frequent way. They can be able to disable sound-based notifications on their new devices.

"What Jason Snell talked about on the last upgrade is true: the iPhone 8 will suppress notification sounds if you are looking at it," the developer recently tweeted.

Apple has not confirmed the exact launch date, but reports stated that it will be revealed to the consumers next month. The new iPhone 8 is reportedly dubbed as the company’s 10th-anniversary device. September is usually the month when Apple presents a new phone to consumers.