Google earlier this year at its I/O event unveiled its 2017 software Operating System called, Android O. The latest update is expected to arrive with everything one can imagine – security enhancements, new and exciting features and an-all encompassing enhancement of user’s experience for Android smartphones. While Google keeps updating its Android O page-list to let its fans know what to expect, there are several unexpected additions that the search-giant ends up making every now and then. One can expect these till the time the Android O update is finally and officially made available for use.

For now, only the beta versions of the same are being deployed to select users. A recent report now suggests that the Android O update is going to come with a new feature that will allow users to remain notified regarding their Bluetooth-enabled device’s battery percentage through one’s smartphones.

What reports have to say?

Android Open Source Project (AOSP) has already apparently given a go-ahead for this particular feature, XDA Developers reports. If this turns out to be true then users will be able to stay informed regarding their Bluetooth-enabled headset’s battery percentage directly via their smartphones, making it much more convenient and easy. Google is certainly not the first one to explore the possibility of adding this feature.

Previously, other tech giants such as Samsung, OnePlus and LG have also joined the bandwagon to extend their support for this particular feature. In fact, even Apple’s iOS operating system comes with an extended support for this particular feature. On the basis of this, it appears like Google is among the last ones to join the club.

Several reports indicate that the search-giant has long been thinking of adding this feature, however, they haven’t exactly been able to draw the dynamics around the same.

Android O updates

Readers are advised to note that the feature has not been confirmed to arrive in the Android O update by Google as of yet; however, the chances of it happening are quite high.

A report from The Verge suggests that the feature might be added to Android-powered smartphones via an over-the-air (OTA) update too. This is good news as users won’t have to wait for too long for the same. Meanwhile, the Android O update is expected to bring with it, a range of new features that will significantly enhance the user’s experience. The update will be made available towards the end of this year.