Google is scheduled to unveil the next-generation Android O in New York on August 21. The launch of the new Android platform assumes significance since it falls on the Solar Eclipse day, which will hit the United States for the first time since 1918. It is possible to watch the live streaming of the launch by navigating to NASA 2017 total eclipse live stream at 12 PM EST. The second method is to watch the Android O reveal NYC event on 2.40PM EST. Android O is dubbed to be 8th version after the search-engine giant released the first version of the operating platform codenamed as Gingerbread on February 9, 2011.

In a statement released to the press, Google disclosed that Android O is landing on the Earth with the Total Solar Eclipse, which will hit the US shores on August 21. Incidentally, the eclipse will be historic since it is the first total eclipse since 1918. Moreover, the new version will bring some super sweet powers, which will be new and refreshing.

Naming confusion

With just one day before the release of Android O, Google uploaded a version with the file name Google Oreo_Teaser on its official Google+ page. Android Police managed to capture a snapshot of the post and it clearly revealed the name as Oreo. Interestingly, the product team deleted the post and renamed it as Octopus, which was also replaced by OatMealCookie_Teaser.

As of this writing, the file name is tagged as Orbit_Teaser_0818.mp4 with a huge confusion over the name. Recently, we had reported that the next edition of Android will be named as Octopus. However, we don't have any other option than to wait until the official launch. That said, the company will follow the standard custom and will provide a dessert name as the name of the upcoming version.

Google Pixel 2 will ship with Android O

After launching several beta releases, the final public release will be rolled out with plenty of new features. Even though Android O will launch on August 21, the new platform will be integrated with the forthcoming release of Google Pixel 2 in October. We also expect Google to throw in an update for the currently available Pixel series.

New Features

With the new Background Limits feature, the Android O will be able to set automatic limits or restrictions on apps running in the background of the smartphone. According to Google, this feature will help the device to save battery considerably. The Picture on Picture capability enables users to make use of certain apps over other applications installed on the device. Hence, it is possible to watch a YouTube video when you are booking a cab ride or playing games.

The new Android O helps users to create adaptive icons, which will be exclusively designed to integrate seamlessly with the user interface of the device. The purpose of the adaptive icons is that they will be rendered in several shapes according to the requirements of the user and the device. Google will also introduce notification channels, which helps you to create new application categories for the display of notifications.