Google has released the fourth and final developer preview of the rumored Android 8.0 Octopus with a wide range of features. Expected to launch in August, the Android 8.0 Octopus Developer Preview will ship with several new enhancements related to the font, color, and the general User Interface.The preview version also includes an easter egg. Android Authority reports that an Oreo-type octopus will float in and around the display if you tap on the icon several times. However, we don't have any information as to what kind of work it does onscreen.

Even though the Android versions are named after sweets, Google recently unveiled the new octopus logo for the upcoming version rendering users to remain clueless about its activities. Interestingly, the head and color of the octopus closely resemble that of an Oreo.

Elimination of boot screen logo

With Android 8.0 Octopus, Google is planning to get rid of the traditional boot screen logo with the slogan ‘Powered by Android’ in Google Pixel 2. It will be most likely replaced by the multicolored G logo. Additionally, the new Android platform will have noticeable changes in the lock screen, font, color, and notifications.

Changes to user interface

The overall size of the clock has been reduced on the lock display and the date will not be capitalized.

When it comes to the status bar, the battery will look bolder. The mobile carrier information and time are placed with adequate spaces in between them.

Google has not added an option where the shape of an app's icon can be modified in the final developer preview. In the previous builds, users were allowed to set apps icons in five different shapes such as square, teardrop and round.

The Icon Badging option has been eliminated from the settings option on the home screen. It will now appear on the Notification Dots toggle from within the Notifications settings menu.

Naming confusion

Previously, there were reports from various tech portals, which suggested that Oreo could be the name for the upcoming version of Android.

Some of the other possible contenders were Oatmeal Cookie, Orange Sorbet or any dessert which starts with O. With the release of the black octopus type logo, the search-engine giant will most likely give the name of octopus to the Android 8.

According to The Verge, the name octopus cannot be tagged as a dessert but it could also be a variant of it with the name Trolli octopus gummy. There is also a possibility that Google will move away from the tradition of providing dessert names for Android editions. Google will also likely provide Oreo as the name with the logo of Octopus.

To recall, the Nougat name was given to the Android 7 in 2016 after a poll conducted via the official website of Google. Google gathered the opinion of the developers and users before coining the word Nougat.