Google has officially released the much-awaited Android 8.0 Oreo with several new features on the first total solar eclipse in the US since 1917. The search-engine giant has previously released a series of preview versions during early 2017. Developers managed to sneak into the code and found that the name of the next version could be either Oreo or Oatmeal. We also recently reported about the possibility of naming the version as Octopus. However, Google has finally given the name of Oreo for the next-generation popular mobile platform. According to Google's official website, the Android Oreo also captioned as Open Wonder will be smarter, faster, powerful and sweeter than the current counterpart.

Speed boost

With Android Oreo, it is possible to perform all the relevant tasks quickly since the boot time has improved 2x times when compared to Nougat. Hence, the total booting time will be comparatively faster in the upcoming Google Pixel series. Moreover, the new Android platform is designed to minimize background activity of a wide range of compatible apps. Google has integrated Autofill capability, which automatically remembers the login credentials to enable users to quickly login to apps.

Enhance productivity

With the new Picture-in-Picture capability, it is possible to work with two apps simultaneously. For instance, users can watch a YouTube video while composing an e-mail. By pressing the notification dots, it is possible to view new messages including the ability to clear them by swiping.

Ultimate protection

With the integrated Android Instant Apps in Android Oreo, users will be able to Teleport directly into new apps directly from within the browser without any installation. The new Google Play Protect module keeps unwanted and malicious apps at bay by scanning over 50 billion apps per day. Moreover, the Oreo platform has over 60 new emojis using which it is possible to express feelings during messaging and email communication.

Top features

With the redesigned accessibility button, users will be able to quickly access the navigation bar features such as magnification including the ability to optimize the audio experience for disabled users. Some of the other features of Android Oreo are adaptive icons, ambient screen, background execution/location limits, deep color, downloadable fonts and the capability to install unknown apps via APK files.

The new Android platform also provides support for integrated printing, linkable files, premium audio via native C/C++ API, notification categories/snoozing, pointer capture, tooltips in addition to a Wi-Fi assistant.

Even though Google has released Android Oreo, it will take another few more days for it to ship with the upcoming Google Pixel series smartphones. Moreover, the new platform will be rolled out to the flagship OnePlus 5 including OnePlus 3 and 3T. We also expect the new version to hit Nokia 3, 5 and 6 as revealed by HMD Global followed by Samsung and Xiaomi.