According to Android Police, Google is working on a miniature version of its Google Home Smart Speaker. The unveiling of the artificial intelligence powered device seems to coincide with the launch of other Google products. According to the news source, the debut could happen as early as this fall at a hardware event featuring two new Google Pixel phones as well as a new Pixel-branded Chromebook.

A smaller model of the Google Home

So far, only a few details exist about the rumored smart speaker. It is highly likely that it will be a smaller version of the Google Home, which can be similar to Amazon’s Echo Dot.

The latter is a pint-sized follow-up to its predecessor, the Amazon Echo smart speaker.

As many Google followers and enthusiasts know, the Google Assistant is at the heart of Google Home. It works as a voice assistant to help users play music, access various information such as locations, flight information, schedule, and the like. With the power of artificial intelligence, the digital helper can form knowledge about the user and the user’s behavior. This will help the system and the device to provide answers that are tailored to the user.

Is it an Amazon competitor?

Although scarce, the details seem to the point that the new Google smart speaker could be a direct competitor of the Amazon’s $50 Echo Dot.

The original Echo, on the other hand, costs $180. At this point, it is not known what features will be added to the mini Google Home in comparison to the regular model. With Amazon’s products, the Echo Dot received a few upgrades from the original Echo. One of which includes the ability to connect to a separate speaker via auxiliary cable or Bluetooth.

With most of the details being pure speculation, it is still noteworthy to consider that a smaller and cheaper Google Home could provide more smart home solutions without spending as much as $130 for the regular version. After all, it is always great to have options to choose from, whether it is from Google or Amazon. Further, a cheaper model of Google’s smart speaker could also be a perfect choice for first-time users.

With Amazon having a significant lead in getting its Echo devices into homes, Google is also coming on strong with its own line of smart speakers. The aggressive buildup of Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant has also prompted the push for Google voice assistant. In any case, the possible release of this new version of Google’s hit speaker highlights the fierce battle between the two pioneers. The question is which one will dominate your home and connected devices?