Smartphones with a great front camera have become popular in demand, all for one reason: People absolutely love taking selfies these days. In order to facilitate the growing needs of the consumers, developers have been introducing newer apps that enhance pictures taken with the front camera of a particular smartphone. In a recent turn of events, scientists along with the help of researchers have now been able to create an application, which helps users take the Perfect kind of selfie.

Specifically-designed algorithm

According to several reports, the latest App comes along with a specifically-designed algorithm that is meant to guide the users towards mastering the art of taking the perfect selfie.

The algorithm is designed in such a way as to allow users to understand the perfect angles from which a selfie must be taken to generate the best output.

Dan Vogel, expert and professor at the University of Waterloo based in Canada was reported as saying that in the recent past, capturing and posting selfies have become a normal way for people to express themselves. According to him, users like to take selfies as they are able to share their experiences with other users as well. He went on to speak about the latest app. He stated while there are many other apps that help users perfect their selfies, those merely allow them to enhance the pictures that have already been taken. The latest app teaches the user to take the perfect kind of selfie.

A three dimensional (3D) digital scans

The app makes use of something described by several leading reports as, a three dimensional (3D) digital scan.

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Gadgets 360 NDTV wrote that "using an online crowd-sourcing service, researchers had thousands of people vote on which of the virtual selfie photos they felt were best, and then mathematically modeled the patterns of votes to develop an algorithm that can guide people to take the best selfie."

The app has already been tested using hundreds of virtual selfies that are next to perfection, in order for the software to understand what a perfect selfie looks like. The same dynamics have been applied and this allows the system to direct the user towards capturing the perfect image. In order to make use of this app, users are simply required to capture a selfie using their smartphone camera, upload it on the app and wait until the ratings have been dispatched.

The ratings will inform the user whether the selfie is worth it. Vogel even went on to state that there are a lot of other developments in the making that will allow the scientists to expand and gauge the factors involved in taking the perfect selfie. Most of these developments will be made public soon.