Samsung is leaving no stone unturned in the bid to amend its rundown reputation (thanks to the Note 7 fiasco). Lining with this, the company recently launched its Galaxy S8 flagship smartphone with Infinity display and a slew of other jaw-dropping features that swept smartphone enthusiasts off their feet.

Now, there's hearsay that the South Korean handset maker is already hard at works on the successor to its igneous Galaxy Note smartphone.

New Galaxy Note: Specifications and rumor roundup

It can be recalled that the samsung galaxy S8 smartphone was subject to a bunch of leaks, and with rumors about the new Galaxy Note's looming arrival surfacing online, leaks surrounding an unannounced Galaxy flagship smartphone have once again started pouring in from all corners.

Multiple sources suggest if Samsung sticks to its trend of introducing bigger flagships with each new release, the company's latest handset i.e. the Note 8, could come bearing a mammoth 6.3-inch screen.

The rumor stems from a recent post on Chinese social media site Weibo from an industry watcher. The short message comprised a couple of allegedly confirmed Note 8-related details.

First off, the hotly anticipated smartphone will have a 6.3-inch display, which actually aligns with previous rumors that indicated the phone will come with a 6.4-inch Infinity display. Aside from that, the tipster also claims that the phone will sport a dual-lens camera, which might also be it's selling point.

Galaxy Note 8 & Galaxy S8: What's the difference?

The recently launched Galaxy S8 was also said to feature a dual lens camera; however, the early design did not show a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor placed next to the camera. On the contrary, Samsung was bent on placing the sensor under the S8's screen, as previous reports have suggested.

But much to their chagrin, the technology wasn't quite ready for mass production at that point. Samsung was left with no choice but to resort to the current Galaxy S8 design instead, which comprise a single-lens rear camera and a fingerprint sensor accommodated next to it.

If this leak proves to be true, the only notable difference between the Galaxy S8 and the Note 8 smartphone will be the screen size, the cameras and probably the incorporation of a stylus.

It's also worth noting that this info comes from a renowned tech tipster who has quite a respectable track record as far as spilling the beans about Samsung’s upcoming device’s is concerned.

Moreover, this is a mere speculation based on just a text post, meaning, this shred of information should be taken with a huge grain of salt.