AMD introduced its latest Radeon RX Vega series on August 15th. The collection comes packed with a high bandwidth memory (HBM), engineered to suit the requirements of the professionals. The line-up has been such a hit that they have already gone out of stock. Online publication, DigiTimes states that retail channels supplying Radeon RX Vega, are low in stock and thus, have tightened the quantity of delivery.

The reason for shortage in Supply can be blamed upon low packaging yield rates, the DigiTimes report reads. Manufacturers are finding it difficult to adhere to the design principles of the cards and thus, are taking longer-than-expected time to meet the deadlines.

Advanced Semiconductor Engineering (ASE) is also facing technical difficulties, which is contributing to the delay. As pointed by The Engineering Blog, the consumer demand is thus, far and beyond surpassing the supply. To address this issue, AMD is working closely with its partners.

Supply of the GPU's

The company is busy restocking Radeon RX Vega’s SKUs. While the company hasn’t made any official confirmation as yet, suppliers promise that consumers will be able to purchase Vega-based cards in the “coming days.” Global Foundries is currently in charge of manufacturing the Radeon RX Vega line-up. The processing unit is based on 14nm FinFET and comes powered by SK Hynix. Samsung Electronics has also contributed a bit by adding its version of HBM2 memory.

SiP technology is the exclusive packaging partner for this product.


Since the supply is limited, vendors are having lesser quantities of the cards put out for sale. There are also claims being made that the supply won’t be restocked for the next two months. At the same time, AMD’s arch-rival NVIDIA has pushed Volta-based GPUs’ premiere date until 2018.

It appears as if the GPU space is going to be void towards the end of this year. The firm was expected to launch their product by the end of 2017.

NVIDIA seems more focused on mobile-level GPU systems and exploring newer segments in the market. Major GPU manufacturers are also focused on extending support for modern-day technologies like Bitcoin.

This has led them to neglect their loyal gaming crowd. NVIDIA’s advantage over other companies is that it has mastered the art of connecting Artificial Intelligence (AI) with GPUs. The possibilities after that are unimaginable.