It’s that time of the year again when Microsoft will release another Update to its Windows 10 operating system. According to a report by Gadgets 360, the company has announced that its Windows 10 Creators update will receive a massive enhancement this. They claim that users will be able to gain more control over how the numerous applications function. The apps will also operate well with third-party apps. The desktop’s camera app will also receive a major enhancement. Many Windows 10 users have expressed their concern over the weak security that the software offers.

This particular issue has been solved in the upcoming update.

Release date of Windows 10 (Fall) Creators

Microsoft announced the Release Date of its next-installation of its Windows 10 (Fall) Creators Update. Users will have to wait until October 17 for the upgrade to roll out. The update will include multiple security enhancements and bug fixes. Microsoft even published a blog post addressing this matter. In the blog post, the company state that the users will gain greater control over different apps in the system. Several features (in the software) like its webcam, calendar, contacts, microphone, and others will be more secure, the company claims.

Even though the Control Panel hasn’t received a major overhaul, there are quite a few tweaks made to its user interface.

Currently, users need to simply give their consent before installing anything from the Windows Store. When an app is installed moment, it gains access to various resources existing in the system. After the updated version of the software is installed, an on-screen prompt will appear every time the app asks for any information relating to the user.

It is up to the user to decide whether they want to give that app access to any such resources.

The expected changes

According to Microsoft, the standard “Settings” look will be retained even in the update. This way, users won’t find it difficult to switch to the changes. Microsoft is following Apple’s footsteps as far as its privacy settings are concerned.

In most of the Apple products running on iOS, a permission is asked for, every time the app tries to access information that (may be) personal to the user. The individuals are also provided with the ability to scan through different resources, all by themselves. The beta version of its software update will probably be rolled out in the first week of October. The company is expected to offer users a full privacy statement regarding the update at the time of the installment process.