Members of Chiphell forums invented something exhilarating as they unlocked the latest RX Vega 56 into a fledged Vega 64 graphics card. Even though the invention card did not work as it was expected, it still produced some valuable results.

It gets faster with Vega 64 BIOS

According to a post by Videocardz, the 64 BIOS allows the Vega 56 to clock faster which it gives a significant speedup and faster performance.

Furthermore, the modified card is only 2 percent slower than the original Vega 64.

The trick of unlocking AMD cards has been somehow successful in the past. The first batch was usually modified by converting its CUs, while most of them were sold as unlocked cards.

In the present, modifying the 56 card with Vega 64 BIOS, it pushes the card’s speed that may even surpass the RX Vega 64. Hence, the potential of the card expand further as the card itself has an enormous amount of untapped overclocking abilities.

The result of Chiphell experiment showed that the speed of the card increased from 1,471 MHZ/ 800 MHZ to 1,545/ HZ to 945 MHZ. In other words, its stock clocks improved by roughly 10 percent. The result further showed that the members took the card’s speed up to 4,650 MHZ/ 1,100, which is already faster than the Vega 64 by 179 MHZ.

When it comes to comparing the score for the FireStrike Extreme of the both cards, the Vega 56 scored from 9,428 points to 11,322 points with the help of the RX 64 BIOS.

The result also proved that the 56 card clock speed had surpassed the 64 card by 20 percent as the Vega 64 scored 10,479 points. The users, however, must remember that by boosting the card with the BIOS, it will immediately void their card's warranty.

How much will it cost?

Hothardware post claimed that Amazon is now offering a discount for the Vega 56, which the card’s price was around $399.99. Furthermore, Newegg also deals the same price, $399.99.

The post further revealed the company stated that they are doing their best to meet the buyer's demands, and said that the availability of the 56 card would be on the e-tail pricing by next week. AMD also revealed that they are currently working with its partner to restore other Radeon products includes Radeon Packs and standalone cards.

The Vega 56 was created especially for games, which its benchmarks revealed that it could be an alternative card to NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX 1070.

Hence, the company considered the card to be the new mining-specific beta drives as it comes with solid performance result.

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