AMD has its own way to keep fans excited and the company did not reveal any figures on its AMD Radeon Vega’s video card performance. However, new leaked reports have most of the details that fans should know.

New Vega card image leaked

WCCF Tech claimed in their post that the review units of the latest AMD’s card were in the teaser video, which was released by AMD on their official Alienware channel. Furthermore, another website, Videocardz, reported that they succeeded in getting their hands on the final version of AMD’s Rx Vega 3DMark Firestrike 1.1 scores.

In the video, the first thing that analysts noticed was that the Vega card has new settings but still has the same design as the Frontier Edition. Additionally, AMD added a black plate with a clear-cut yellow strip that runs along the edge.

As for the card’s logo, while it glows as it used to, fans can also get a glimpse of the BIOS switch sign. However, AMD decided to conceal the power cables from the viewers so it is not certain if the glowing “R” logo will be included on the card.

When it comes to the Vega’s size, the width of the card seems to have two to three power connectors as it appears to be the air cooled version which many critics claim will have huge sales potential in the market.

RX Vega is faster than GeForce GTX line up

While many reports claimed that Videocardz revealed the Vega 3DMark’s Fire Strike figures, the database was actually presented by an employee of AMD, Jason Evengelho. The card’s GPU scores proved that RX Vega is way faster than Nvidia's GeForce GTX 1070 but it has the same performance score as the GTX 1080.

Tech Report revealed that Evengelho submitted three figures. While the first two figures displayed the AMD Vega’s clock speed at 1630 MHZ and 1536 MHZ, all three entries showed a clock rate of 945 MHz when it was tested on 8 GB of HBM2 memory.

As for the card’s graphic scores, the two figures were 22,297 and 22,330 which was a little bit lower than the GTX 1080 Gaming X’s MSI card, scoring at 22,585.

Still, the AMD’s MSI card will be way faster than the Nvidia's GeForce GTX 1080 FE as it will be equipped with a more proficient cooler and a higher factory clock speed.

When it comes to the card that clocked at 1536 MHz, it still accomplished a score of 20,949 which is way higher than the Geforce Gtx 1070 that scored at 18,561. However, the database figures that were submitted did not include any RX Vega GPU’s stream processors numbers.